I’d prefer to frame it in the Rose, Thorn, Bud design thinking. The rose is: what’s good? The thorn is: what needs improvement? And the bud is: what are future opportunities?


What’s good? We’re alive! LIFE is good! Life is beautiful and diverse, filling every nook and cranny of earth that it can possibly reach with incredible complexity, diversity and beauty. Everywhere life has created unique niche ecosystems with careful balancing, cooperation, competition, creativity, diversity and love. It’s absolutely amazing! We know everything and nothing about life, which is what we are, who we are, how we are, when we are and why we are. Let’s center these questions in our lives.

The human animal has made a big impact on the world in the last blink of it’s eye. I’d like to think that our species’ capacity of a big impact is a signal that we have big things we should and could be doing! The amount of tools and information we humans have available to us is amazing even though we should understand how much there is more to learn. Surely though, with all these amazing tools, we can create overwhelming good, we can not only fix things but make them better. I think humans can bring greater levels of life and complexity then the world has ever had and we can see this happen in our lifetimes. This means that we have the ability to fix the things that need fixing or build the things that need building!


There are a lot of bad ideas out there. And it feels as if those ideas are dominating.


I think everything we need to make the world better is available now. I’m not saying that technological breakthroughs won’t help, but we don’t need them to make the world more life rich and complicated the way it should be!