Glass recycling, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The City of Olympia stopped recycling glass and that’s ridiculous. No, “Hey we’re working on it!” Just a, “Put it in the trash or drive it to a spot downtown.” Putting it in the trash means you might need a bigger trash can, which might mean you end up paying MORE for WORSE service!

I understand that the trade war with China led to them saying to the west coast, “recycle your own damn trash!” But are we really just gonna send glass to the dump forever now? It was immoral for us to use cheap labor in China to sort our recycling anyway. This is the chance to fix that! Let’s do the right thing and pay what it actually costs to recycle our waste. I know it’s a big increase in costs, but if they can do it everywhere else in Thurston County they can do it in Olympia.

Look folks! We were fooling ourselves in thinking with these big multi material recycling bins that our waste was being properly handled and used well. It never was! Dealing with waste costs money and our city, the state, the country and the world need to figure out our waste streams and it’s gotta upcycle way more than downcycle if we want our children to inherit a planet that doesn’t totally suck! We need to remember that nothing is really garbage or waste, they’re just nutrients for nature and industry.

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