West Bay Yards, not the right spot.

I am against the project as planned today but want to leave the door open for much better proposals in the future. What a much better proposal would look like is the following:

1. A better proposal would agree to pay full taxes rather than be subsidized by tax payers. We’re looking at millions of dollars subsidies with the current proposal, that’s money to developer pockets from me and you.

2. A proposal that takes into consideration maximum increases that the road can handle. The current proposal will turn the roundabout into a traffic jam and that road isn’t expandable. It could add who knows how many minutes to a commute from the west side to downtown for everyone during peak traffic.

3. A proposal that substantially improves the shoreline for everyone and the ecosystem. The current proposal likely will meet only the minimal and will mostly be beautification for the residents.

4. A proposal that really addresses runoff concerns. This property is the last stop to the sound for runoff of pollutants. We deserve a project that takes on this role with zero compromise.

5. A proposal that treats this property as the jewel it is. It’s a waterfront south sound dream spot close to downtown that everyone will see. It needs to be an inspiring sight not a humdrum development that looks like all the others a sore spot to the eyes.

6. Such a future project is possible and we should field more proposals. Wide ranging proposals. A science and technology hub that incorporates the best green building technologies comes to mind. A center for wooden boats, a heritage center for native arts, an ecosystem restoration center and more.

In conclusion we can hold off. Olympia is becoming a place that is booming. That isn’t going to change any time soon. But this land once developed will go away. There are better places for this particular project to be built. We can work with the developer to consider more appropriate locations. Places more suitable for the size and character of this development.

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