Biden’s FDR redux.

Biden’s state of the union address had its most important line as the first. From that line we can see a trajectory that doesn’t bode well for the world. I can imagine that this year […]


What’s blocking the antiwar movement?

A series of short pieces on building an antiwar movement in the US. One that can end the war in Ukraine. While we are at it, let’s also stop future war with China. How about end the economic wars of sanctions and embargos. Curtail electronic wars of hacking? Let’s also prevent a cold war. Then we can commit to global arms reduction. No nukes! Start closing down all 800 foreign military bases. How about we end the CIA and all the other shady things we do in other nations? Retire all the aircraft carrier fleets. Then we can ban drone wars, avoid clone wars and stop star wars! Finally stop Skynet before it starts. […]