Abortion, women’s rights and the two headed snake.

The leak of the possible overturning of RvW by the Supreme court leaves me with many questions but my opinion on abortion is of course that it should be legal and accessible without shame or burden. I’m more or less in line with the communists, the libertarian socialists and the radical feminists who think plainly on this. As it is fundamental for a whole slew of provisions that fundamentally are to protect women as equals and support them fully in reproduction.

Family planning should be encouraged and supported. Women should get as much paid time off as they want during pregnancy and after child birth. If it makes sense for a parent or other person, to focus on domestic care work for children, elderly and infirm, be it for a family member or for a community member, then they should just do that and be fully supported with a living in doing so.

Women, based in biological sex, deserve certain special rights and protections that protects and gives reverence to their role in reproduction. That assures their ability to associate separately from men in reverence and for their safety in mind and body. That women’s fundamental individual autonomy in choosing how, when and why reproduction shall occur is theirs alone with no force or coercion by men in this choice. We should let women figure it out for themselves.

Population concerns of countries is a rarely discussed policy area. At different points in time governments and religions have sought to control birth rates, make them go up or down. This has had mixed, usually bad results. Sometimes it is to favor certain ethnic or religious groups. The Catholics certainly understood that. Grow the Catholic population and grow the influence, money and power. Eventually you end up with a Catholic President Biden. On the opposite end was forced sterilization programs mostly targeting black and indigenous women, a form of genocide, promoted sometimes as scientific studies for health.

A government should be concerned for population growth but a woman’s body is not theirs to control. A government can give women incentives for more children or incentives to not having more children depending on if they feel the population needs increasing or decreasing, but on the fundamental level the woman should always have the choice and there should be no shame either way. It should be an inalienable right. I consider it a sacred right.

This can only be part of a new government. A government where women have their own cabinet level women’s department in government, run by women of course, that decides all the details of these issues. Cut up pieces of other departments, such as early childhood education, welfare, food stamps, women’s healthcare, etc. and run it under this new department. A new government with such a department can also demand a male and female be elected for every elected position in the government. Why not? It would expand democracy and drastically improve decision making.

The RvW mess of the Supreme Court feels like a dangerous and thoughtless lack of good governance. It’s a political Kabuki theatre aimed at harming women. The two headed snake of power elite rulers dramatized abortion for decades as a wedge issue. This is a continuation of this. Obama could have codified abortion rights his first term, but, why give up your great fear issue to get people to vote for the two headed snake?

This is serious of course, abortions make the lives of women and poor people better. Unfortunately pink hats and voting Democrats is a life sentence to fear and uncertainty rather than a path to women’s equality and fundamental basic rights. In other words, with hindsight 20/20, we can see that everything demanded of the two headed snake that is then given under duress can be taken away by the two headed snake when it so designs. Slaying the snake is the only long lasting option and women will be fundamental in that process.

The power elites will want people to silo abortion separate from the whole package of women’s equality. They hypnotize the women enraged over abortion to stand against one snake head and the women who question trans activist ideology to stand against the other. Democrats can’t admit that women could possibly be divided like this, but frankly silenced women still vote how they vote. Over 50% of white women voted for Trump over Clinton, dare I state the obvious, a white woman.

Women could rally together for the whole package, a movement that gives women inalienable rights based on their sex. State by state it could be passed. It could be a breathtakingly inspirational change. Instead we’re going to get what is quite logical by the direction of the two headed snake. Less and less rights for poor women while rich women have more rights than ever before.

Obviously, I am not a woman but of course I care. Women have made my life. From birth to now, I’ve been blessed to have strong courageous women inspire, inform and love me. I feel that women’s power is tied to life, transcendence and transformation. Our civilization will never meet its true potential until women are fully empowered in the way that women should be. So I fight for that dream, because it is also mine, to make the world better.

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