Arts Pedestrian Boulevard

When I first came to Olympia, many people had dreams of a pedestrian boulevard. Closing down a street to traffic and having it be a place for people to sip coffee and play chess. For street performances and busking. Well I held onto that dream and came up with toned down proposal.

Connecting the transit center to the State Theatre, the Olympia Film Society, the Washington Center and Sylvester Park along Washington Street. Just three blocks but two blocks would only be half closed to preserve vehicle access coming out of the parking lots. The street in front of the Washington Center could maintain access when needed for loading and unloading. And it only removes a small number of parking spaces. This street is already shut down for big events anyway. I think that this would do well to help alleviate the damage to our downtown businesses from the pandemic. As well as bring back our cultural life!

I think that we could close it down very cheaply and let the arts community fill it with life and beauty!

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