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Campaign Photo

From Occupy Wall Street to the movements of today, I’ve had the pleasure to be an organizer within the grassroots. Recently I served as Campaign Manager for Power to the Public, a fight against the foreign ownership of our electric utility. Through organizing in this beloved community I have grown with it.

But a different type of growth is changing our town. The city sells our fertile ground to wealthy developers, all that they grow is invasive and parasitic. It is devouring our land and our future. When growth is instead rooted in the traditions, people, place and resources of our city, development is the bloom of our life’s efforts. 

One hindrance of all growth will be the future of drenching winters and drought summers. No one will come from above to save us. We need to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty and save ourselves.

Finally, all of Olympia is filled by the Artesian waters that spring up the creative arts, music and culture. This past year hurt the heart of the south sound. Things like the Procession of the Species need a no strings attached commitment by the city.

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