Stealing from Russia, Ukraine and the world.

The power elite of the west are in the process of another big heist. It’s a fleecing of the world starting with Ukraine and Russia, but flowing from there to Africa, Latin America as well as Asia. It is likely the last major heist they will be able to achieve. The circumstances that have allowed their continual plundering of the world are now in the process of ending. Once this happens, which won’t occur without a fight, the western power elite will have to prey more thoroughly on their own citizens rather than the global south and Eurasia. It remains to be seen how long the hosts of these leeches will suffer before wrenching them from their resources and bodies themselves.

Decades of making money off of money has been the con of an enormous Ponzi scheme that the entire power elite have engaged in. The Ponzi scheme only works if people believe in it and it can find new investors, otherwise it crumbles. Right now, the rest of the world is indicating more and more that they no longer believe in the US’ Ponzi world order and won’t buy in. Generally in Ponzi schemes, the last ones in hold the bag.

As the US interest rates roar upward, as inflation stays high and the US dollar climbs in value against other currencies, the dollar denominated debts of much of the world becomes more expensive to pay. The US dollar can purchase and consume more from other countries as well despite the US’ lagging exports. This is a double, maybe triple, whammy economic heist for other countries, especially developing ones. A developing country that took out dollar denominated debt based on their expected growth may see that their currency is worth less to dollars which means that the debt takes more to pay back, also their goods are being bought for less dollars and finally they may see a drop in demand as the world faces depression. Such a country’s foreign reserves, mostly denominated in US dollars, will start to drop as they use it to buy oil and other dollar denominated commodities which are staying high in price.

Usually, this would mean that the US economy stays afloat off this forcing of other countries to slow down allowing a recovery at home and the US debt to be paid by the rest of the world. Then the process would start again with more lending from the IMF and private capital with new strings attached. Only this time it isn’t clear that this will be the case.

Now the rest of the world has more options. They can look towards China and other countries for loans, plus do more bilateral trade in each other’s currencies. These were decisions that weren’t available

We are seeing the beginning hints that investors don’t want our treasury bonds.

Look around America, what are we making that we can consume such levels of largess? It has been networked and leveraged twenty times over and has survived backed with trillions in printed US currency, predicated in it’s position as the world’s reserve currency, backed by a preponderance of western propaganda and it’s willingness to use the incredible violence of a seemingly insurmountable military.

Unfortunately for us, what the bankers ruling didn’t care to realize was that their legalized theft and corruption would one day come with a reckoning.

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