Dangerous methane in the seas ahead!

The Seymour Hersh story is likely correct, or close enough, many understood it logically had to be the US. And this act, by Biden, demands an impeachment investigation. It’s worse than Watergate, Clinton adulteries or, dare I say it, anything that Trump was impeached for. IF IT GOES UN-INVESTIGATED & UN-PROSECUTED the neoconservatives will own the Dems the Republicans and US foreign policy COMPLETELY! If we, who disagree with the outrageous aggressions of the sociopathic war mongers, can’t muster a powerful response even when an article such as this delivers on a platter a detailed narrative of the crime, a dastardly deed, then these sociopaths will definitely ESCALATE!

I’m not happy about this either. I vote lesser evil often enough. But decades of rolling over by the left edge of the party when it comes to foreign policy, caused the Dem Prez to apparently be the GREATEST EVIL. If we do NOTHING, future generations will be wondering why didn’t the Americans who knew better stop Biden? The same way people think about the “Good Germans” of WW2. Do you want to be known as the “Good Americans” of WW3? I won’t!

The escalatory path the US has been put on by Biden, has not paused in the past year, there is NO EVIDENCE to believe that it soon will! Not one Dem voted against the billions for war and weapons! The tiny few Republicans who did, a wildly unflattering bunch, aren’t in charge and seemed to vote against mostly as a trolling of Biden rather than as a growing sanity! It went from training, to stingers, to canons, to missile launchers, to tanks with nary a bump in the road! Next is fighter jets and long range weapons. Do we see any real obstacles in those being delivered? 

Now let’s get ahead of the media narrative for a second. How many steps till Poland enters directly? Then the US in response? And Russia holds its self restraint? And let’s say it does, how long till the US makes a tactical nuke first strike?

You may claim in response, NO WAY! That Biden wouldn’t. But what evidence would compel you to believe he would stop before reaching the logical end? Is victory possible without it getting to that point? Held back by who or what? His party? The Republicans? The western media? EU leadership? The PEOPLE? 

Don’t make me laugh! 

If he has no real impediment now and they aren’t growing, he’ll still have none when the nukes are launched. Unless impediments somehow gain great growth that can outpace the forces driving the US into WW3, then WW3 is the end point. Let’s be clear! This is the foreign policy direction that these neoconservative war mongering sociopaths have been going for a long long time. Inching NATO forward, expanding wars, literally trillions for new nukes, pulling out of arms agreements, changing nuclear first strike doctrine, shifting military planning to great power struggle, editorials suggesting tactical nukes are fine and more! Folks, these psychopaths didn’t take this path to stop on the 1 yard line! 

I shocked myself this week with a horrifying thought. That the direction we are heading, in the timeframe of maybe weeks, but likely months or 2-3 years, is a US caused millions dead (or much more) scenario. The timeframe is short enough, the factors at play quantifiable enough, that I didn’t need a super computing AI to figure out that it’s not just highly possible but at this point it’s borderline PROBABLE! 

Does the pattern so far not indicate this direction? Is there not the background rhetoric and rule changes that quietly cleared the way forward? I think that my assertion is blatantly obvious to those who have been planning for a “Project for a New American Century,” that the window for action is closing and at a faster pace than maybe they had thought! China surpasses the US completely by 2033. I had heard that a year ago, but events of the past year shortened that by half I would guess. The sooner the US acts the better chance it has at “success” in stopping China militarily and Russia. This is what every neoconservative, war mongering, US supremacist in power today fully knows! When the Air Force General Mike Minihan said he hopes he is wrong but sees the US at war with China in 2025, that’s a prediction that comes from the top! 

What stops this from unfolding?

I can tell you what stops this. We stop ourselves, our allies pull out, or our “enemies” defeat us! I look around at the sad sacks in the US Congress and I don’t see any heroes. The Squad isn’t serious, the Progressive Caucus is a joke, the Freedom Caucus is an illusion and Bernie’s not rocking the boat. The Supreme Court? Biden, Blinken, Nuland, Austin? As Biden would say, “Give me a break!”

Are the people going to stop it? How? The mainstream media has turned everyone into Russia, China, Iran and North Korea hating bigots that believe the most ridiculous garbage! The media isn’t even covering Seymour Hersh’s bombshell! Even if, say, Democracy Now turned around their decade-long drop into deceptive foreign policy coverage and started running consistent factual accounts of what was happening, that wouldn’t be enough! The people have to contend with the legacy of divisions, on top of endless new divisions and distractions manufactured by alphabet agencies, billionaires, foundation money, corporate espionage agencies, pr firms and our own human pettiness. We can’t even agree on a small anti war rally right now. Keep in mind we had millions on the streets against the Iraq War and millions even recently around George Floyd, but the government didn’t concede an inch! The US government does not fear the people, single digit approval ratings don’t matter. I would love for the people to stop this war! I am going to give this my all but I’m not going to inflate it’s likely potential of success! It’ll need to quickly grow to millions organized a thousand times stronger than anything in the recent past. 

Internally in the US, there is one player still possibly able to prevent this situation. But I don’t like it and neither will any of you. 

Therefore it may be better that we all work to share Seymour Hersh’s article in the hopes that it engages EU allies to withdraw their commitments to this US folly of a proxy war against Russia. Maybe Germany and France will agree to the outlines of a new security agreement between Russia and the EU? Maybe they tell the US to pack its bags and GTFO. NATO ends and good riddance! This is maybe more possible than the US changing course. Although I’m sure the US has lots of ways to stop the EU from becoming independent on foreign policy. It’s a solution that still leaves the US as an angry empire in decline prone to do all sorts of wretched things, but perhaps spinning its wheels till its bark is truly worse than its bite.

The worst option is Russia or China, our “enemies”, stopping our mad king! Being that they are sovereign, they might surprise the US. I’m sure they see the direction and have quiet red lines triggering different plans. They aren’t blinded with enormous hubris and supremacy like the US. You might not like them but they aren’t going to let the US take over this century by the sheer insanity of its leaders, the delusions of its populace and the cruel destructive power of the US armed forces. The US may cross a line not spoken. These great powers may assess a US weakness not now seen. They may gain an advantage that deems the green light. One day, a normal one of US belligerence, moral grandstanding, saber rattling, weapons deliveries, covert actions, etc., suddenly the media starts delivering strange reports. The US has lost contact with its aircraft carrier groups. Must be a solar flare happening, they hope. Then, perhaps at the same time, reports of tidal waves hitting NYC, DC, LA, SF… then silence. If they feel they have no other choice, that the mad dog USA needs to be put down before it destroys all the rest, this is the choice they will make.

I don’t expect that to happen… yet. It depends on if the US decides, during its sociopathic neocon driven aggressive march, to clearly display it has no redemption. For example, if the US were to manufacture an excuse to demonstrate its almighty supreme power by turning the DPRK into glass. An example made, for others to see, of a country that won’t elicit a volley of thousands of warheads in return. Maybe the DPRK get five nukes launched right before the adults and their children all die. Maybe four get shot down but one hits Guam, that’s acceptable. If that and a sunken old US ship, that the DPRK is blamed for nuking immediately preceding the US wrath of decapitation nukes, is all that we take in loss, then that’s acceptable. South Korea takes over the north, slaughtering all that resist, carrying US weapons, and saying that they are liberators. Russia and China stare in icy horrified understanding of what this means. 

What doesn’t happen though, in any scenario, is the US neocon war mongering sociopaths end up succeeding in their bloody horrifying goals of US hegemonic rule for another century. The idea being that the US succeeds despite a second class economy, a subpar educated society, no manufacturing base, and by their demand of ruling through bits of code declaring ownership, tricks of finance and cruelty of military force. That will not work.

I couldn’t have imagined one year ago what I’m about to say. That I’m actually thinking, within the next 2-3 years, a military coup in the US might be the least worst and most necessary option to prevent WW3. Forget all the red/blue, left/right, conservative/liberal debates on a potential civil war over manufactured divides. That’s not what I’m talking about, that’s a nothing burger. I’m actually thinking that the type of person who would risk their career (and life) to report to Hersh that story about Nord Stream, knowing that their anonymity is only from the public and that the administration knows who they are, is the type of person who potentially has the power, and knows the importance, to stop these sociopaths before it’s too late. I say it out loud, even though that’s hardly advisable, because I want the armed forces to hear. If the US civilian leadership is driving the US bus off the cliff, the right and moral thing to do is push the driver out the door and slam on the brakes. I’d do it, but I’m not in the situation room, however I understand the analogy because I am a school bus driver.

Working class people use the same model of brains that think tank billionaires also use.

I also write long responses, deep in email chains, that few will read. Sometimes reaching a lot of people isn’t as important as reaching the right one or two. I have read and listened to the experts of think tanks like CSIS, which employs around 250 people to manufacture their neoconservative drivel. There are many others as well paid to be on the side of war, paid often by the weapons manufacturers. Unsurprisingly they end up creating analysis that shortsightedly supports the weapons manufacturers’ profits. Not many actually read or listen to these think tank experts, but some of the ones who do can deliver them their profits.

I’m not interested in profits. I’m a simple man who likes my routine. All I want to do is drive the kids, also known as the world’s most precious cargo, back and forth to school each day. But it’s hard to do that without also worrying about the children everywhere, including the children in Ukraine. So here I am, I’m writing down my concerns as I see them, based on the information as I see it, in the hopes that kids everywhere have a future.

For now, everything is fine 60 seconds to midnight. 

Tick, tick, tick…

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